About Us

Lemberg Group is a construction company located in Toronto, Canada.

Our main services are flooring, countertops and backsplash.

We started as a stone supply and install company and now include flooring.

Lemberg derives it’s name from a City in Ukraine which can trace it’s roots back to Austrian, German, Jewish, Polish and Ukrainian influences. This City now known as Lviv; in reference to lions is world renowned for it’s stone architecture and the City’s beautiful cobblestone roads. It was only fitting to name our business in homage to the majestic City of the Lion.

Our service area includes Ontario from Ottawa to Windsor. We are capable of supplying & installing different types of material for a wide range of uses.

Customers choose us for our ability to provide more than one service in house, while working with one of our project managers.

We have the ability to satisfy even the most of demanding projects. Whether you are looking to build a new home, provide an entrance for your organization that demands attention or simply looking to renovate or upgrade your residence or business we are here to help.

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Nazar Holovatyi, Owner – Lemberg Group / Lemberg Stone