Privacy Policy

Who we are

We are Lemberg Stone. We are a private business located in Toronto, Canada.

What personal data we collect and why we collect it

We do not collect personal data.

When you submit a contact form to us to be contacted, we use it to contact you. The forms are automatically deleted.

Site Analytics

Our website contains code to track the number of visitors that enter our site.

Your Info

We do not sell or remarket your information. Your privacy is to be respected. If you contact us, we contact you. If you proceed in getting a quotation and becoming our client, we may share contact information with our suppliers and contractors to provide estimates, order material, make delivery and ultimately supply you with the service you expect from us. Under no circumstances would we share anymore information then is required to provide you with professional renovation services.

Contact us

Should you have any concerns, questions please contact me. The privacy officer and owner:

Nazar Golovatyi


Lemberg Stone

299 Applewood Crescent #3, Concord, ON L4K 4E7

Phone: 647 – 572 – 7928